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Direct Equity

Direct Equity

Direct equity investment is all about having a long – term and sustainable growth. Stating some facts, over the last 4 decades, the BSE Sensex has given a CAGR of 17% which has been the highest among all asset classes in India.

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    Being well aware of the markets being tricky and unpredictable, one needs to play it right. This is where Rurash steps in, as an investor needs a trustable partner to depend on that could help decipher the market information, aligning the investment objectives with the desired goals!

    Rurash’s Direct Equity offering allows investors to invest both Online & Offline. We are empanelled with JM Financials and allow both platforms with the best-in-class research.

    We offer a canvas of investment opportunities for both Domestic as well as NRI Clients!

    • With Domestic Investors, may they be first-timers, traders residing in India or any individual aspiring to invest, we cater to every need. With our wealth management services, clients are assured a hassle-free investment experience
    • A Gateway for NRI Clients, we at Rurash being a tech driven wealth management firm, renders a structured service for clients residing abroad. With successful existing collaborations with prestigious clients from the UK, Africa, etc. our market cycle study has ensured clients receive high-end services.

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