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A Comparative Analysis. How to Get a High-Value Loan Against Shares.

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, individuals are increasingly looking for innovative ways to leverage their investments and meet their financial needs. One such avenue is Loan Against Shares (LAS), which allows borrowers to unlock the value of their investment portfolio by pledging shares as collateral. As LAS gains popularity, several lenders in India offer competitive loan options tailored to meet the diverse requirements of borrowers.

In this article, we will conduct a comprehensive comparative analysis of the top 5 lenders for Loan Against Shares in India. Additionally, we will explore how Rurash Financials can facilitate LAS amounts up to Rs. 100 crores by leveraging relationships with multiple lenders. But first, let us identify the factors to consider when choosing a lender for a loan against shares:

  • Assess the range of loan amounts offered by the lender to ensure it meets your borrowing needs.
  • Compare the interest rates and processing fees charged by different lenders to find the most competitive terms.
  • Consider the speed of loan disbursal and the flexibility of repayment options provided by the lender.
  • Research the lender’s reputation in the market and evaluate their track record in providing a loan against shares.
  • Assess the quality of customer service provided by the lender, including responsiveness and availability to address your queries and concerns.
  • Evaluate the loan-to-value ratio offered by the lender, which determines the amount of loan you can avail against the value of your shares.
  • Consider the repayment tenure options available and choose a lender that offers a tenure that suits your financial capabilities and requirements.
  • Look for any additional services or benefits offered by the lender, such as insurance coverage or value-added services related to managing your shares.

Now, let’s take a look at the 05 topmost lenders in India:

1) Yes Bank:

Yes Bank, a leading private sector bank, offers Loan Against Shares with attractive features and competitive interest rates. They provide flexible repayment options, quick loan processing, and a wide range of acceptable securities. With a strong presence and robust network across the country, Yes Bank ensures convenient access to its LAS services.

The bank’s expertise in financial services, combined with personalized customer support, ensures a seamless borrowing experience for individuals seeking high-value loans against their shares.

2) Sharekhan by BNP Paribas:

Sharekhan, a well-known brokerage firm, has ventured into LAS in collaboration with BNP Paribas. This partnership combines Sharekhan’s expertise in stockbroking with BNP Paribas’ financial strength. Borrowers can avail themselves of high-value loans against shares, with flexible tenure options and competitive interest rates.

Sharekhan’s deep understanding of the stock market and personalized assistance make it a trusted lender for LAS. Their seamless online platform and efficient loan processing further enhance the borrowing experience.

3) Tata Capital:

Tata Capital, a subsidiary of Tata Sons, is a prominent player in the financial services sector. Their LAS offerings come with attractive interest rates, convenient repayment options, and quick loan disbursal.

Tata Capital’s well-established reputation and customer-centric approach ensure a hassle-free borrowing experience. The company provides borrowers with flexible loan tenures, competitive loan-to-value ratios, and personalized solutions tailored to meet their specific financial requirements.

4) Bajaj Finance:

Bajaj Finance, a leading non-banking financial company (NBFC), offers Loan Against Shares as part of its diverse lending portfolio. They provide borrowers with high loan-to-value ratios, competitive interest rates, and flexible repayment options.

Bajaj Finance’s streamlined application process and quick loan approvals make it a preferred choice for individuals seeking LAS. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, transparent policies, and comprehensive range of financial services make it a reliable lender in the market.

5) State Bank of India (SBI):

State Bank of India, the largest public sector bank, offers loans against shares as part of its comprehensive lending portfolio. SBI provides borrowers with competitive interest rates, flexible repayment options, and personalized customer service.

As a government-backed institution, SBI offers a sense of security and reliability to LAS borrowers. With an extensive branch network and user-friendly digital platforms, SBI ensures convenient loan processing and efficient documentation for individuals across the country.

While a loan against shares from such top lenders can help you solve your several financial problems, the traditional approach of availing a Loan Against Shares often involves lengthy paperwork, complex documentation, and multiple visits to the lender’s branch. Borrowers may face challenges in gathering and organizing the necessary documents, such as share certificates, identity proofs, income statements, and bank statements. The extensive verification process and manual evaluation of the shares can result in delays and frustration for borrowers. This is where Rurash Financials can help simplify the loan against shares process.

How Rurash Financials Facilitate LAS?

We at Rurash Financials, offer a unique advantage to individuals seeking high-value loans against shares. Leveraging our strong relationships with multiple lenders, we can act as your facilitator, helping you to secure LAS that ranges up to Rs. 100 crores.

The company’s experienced loan officers work closely with borrowers, guiding them through the entire application process, ensuring efficient documentation, and assisting in obtaining the desired loan amount.

Rurash Financials enables borrowers to access competitive interest rates, currently as low as 09% along with favourable terms, and a wide range of loan options from their network of lenders.

Their personalized approach, commitment to customer satisfaction, and seamless coordination make them a reliable partner in meeting LAS requirements.

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