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RURASH Insurance Services

In this world of uncertainties, while losses can be hard, insurance can compensate you monetarily. You can insure your life, automobiles, buildings, furniture and much more. Insurance is a subject matter of financial protection based on insurable interest. Deciding the insurance cover and type of insurance plan can be a task. This is where you might feel the need to consult experts like RURASH.

Our team of experts assist in ensuring your invaluable assets with a wide range of insurance policies spanning across segments, viz. Protect your life with low-premium life insurance policies, Secure your health with customer-friendly health insurance policies, Get protection for your vehicles, homes, and buildings through general insurance plans, Insure yourself and your loved ones against accidents and uncertainties.

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    Life Insurance Plan

    Life Insurance Plans

    Easy premium life insurance plans with attractive terms are available from various Insurance providers. It covers your life for a fixed period at a fixed premium. In case of death, your nominee gets the insured amount in the form of monthly payouts or as a lump sum payout.

    We present to you a variety of life insurance plans such as term life insurance, full life insurance, spouse life insurance, life insurance for family, life insurance with Covid-19 claims, and many other policies. You can get these policies at competitive premiums. Buy a plan for the security of yourself and your loved ones and enjoy a stress-free and happy life.

    Why buy from Rurash? Our team of experts will select the best policy suitable to your requirements that would help you to get the policy best suitable at the most competitive premium. An additional benefit is the consultation services at no extra charges for all your insurance needs.

    To know how to calculate the appropriate value of the sum insured, get in touch with us.

    Health Insurance Plans

    Cover your health against the deadly COVID-19, major health issues, and diseases. A Health insurance plan takes care of your medical bills/expenses and ensures that most expenses you incur would be met with the insurance amount. Cashless treatment is available with partnered hospitals. Health insurance plans offer coverage against many diseases with the most competitive premiums.

    Other plans on offer are, family health policy, senior citizen health insurance, spouse insurance plans, children’s health insurance, medicare plans, critical illness plans. Get free assistance with our online comparison tool for health insurance, Compare different plans as per your desire and need, monthly premiums, and payout values.

    The important aspect is to determine whether you need an individual, floater or separate policy for different people. We can help you choose from the best policy and plans.

    Non-Life Insurance Plans Aka General Insurance

    A wide range of general insurance policies is available. You can get a range of insurance policies under general insurance plans with us – vehicle insurance, car insurance, home insurance, general accident and fire insurance, motor insurance, and even pocket insurance for small emergencies and losses.

    You can protect your real estate property by paying a reasonable premium that will help mitigate uncertain financial risks. We help you mitigate unforeseeable issues through the general insurance plans available. Buying insurance requires a careful assessment and valuation of the property being insured.

    By understanding your insurance needs, we help assess individual situation, the propensity of loss based on location, housing and vehicular age and many other factors. Based on this assessment, we help provide transparent quotes for insurance coverage with the most competitive premium to be paid.

    Why opt for Insurance from RURASH?

    We are a team of Mumbai-based professional experts, with a collective experience of more than 40+ years in asset and investment management.

    Insurance planning is an important aspect of an overall comprehensive financial plan. Various policies are available at easy terms and conditions and we ensure the most suitable policy is made available to meet your insurance needs.

    You can talk to our insurance experts to compare health insurance plans online. Share your requirements and calculate your premium and liability right away.

    Discuss, analyse and get the most suitable insurance policies for you, at reasonable prices and easy terms with us

    Renew your Policy Online

    You can be at peace and be completely secure with the annual policy renewable feature available online with us:

    1. Pay an annual premium for insurance
    2. Analyse and calculate your premium payment
    3. Avoid technical hurdles and continue with the policy
    4. Get benefits from policy renewal through our online platform

    Do you need a claim assistant?

    Our online claim assistant will help you determine your claims for term, life, health and non-health insurance. You will get the following benefits from the online claim assistant:
    • Get personalised claim settlement
    • Get door-to-door documentation pick up
    • Settle your claim as per your needs and desires
    • Free counselling support and assistance for your loved ones
    With our online tools, you will get instant support anytime anywhere. Want to talk to one of our claim assistants, call on +91 9321263677.

    Our Insurance Partners

    Rurash has a tie-up with all major insurance service providers –

    Contact us

    In case of any query, call us at +91 9321263677 or you can email us at Our experts will always remain in touch with you to resolve your issues pertaining to insurance plans, renewal, premium calculation, claim assistance and much more.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Term life insurance, as pure life insurance, covers full life up to a certain maturity period. In case the policyholder dies before maturity, the nominee gets a full payout. If the insurance period matures without casualty, he/she can renew the policy for the next term or can claim a full payout.

    There is no minimum limit to get insured, but a minimum of 18 years of age is required to enter into any legal contract.

    Yes, it is always advisable to get insured even if you are young, fit, and healthy enough. To get a secure life and peace of mind, insurance plans are an important tool.

    In the digital era, you can determine your annual or monthly insurance premiums with financial calculators available online. All you need to do is, fill in your insurance value, terms of the plan, and interest rate.

    If you have been admitted to any network hospital, you need to present your insurance card to get your claim for all medical bills. In case you have been admitted to a non-network hospital, you need to pay all medical bills first and then you can get the claim reimbursement from the insurance company later on.

    To get an appropriate amount of insurance, you can use online financial calculators.

    There is no thumb rule for minimum term life insurance. It depends upon the applicant’s age and requirements.

    To get an insurance plan, you need to analyse and compare online insurance providers. By comparing their annual premiums, claim procedure, formalities and other documents, you can select a service provider with which you can buy your plan.

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