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In a country as diverse and vibrant as India, the government’s decisions should reflect the aspirations and needs of its people. Recognizing this, the Department of Economic Affairs, and the Ministry of Finance, introduced the Jan Bhagidari initiative. This forward-thinking effort invites citizens to actively participate in the Union Budget-making process, aiming to create a more inclusive and participatory governance system. In the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “Our strength lies in the people’s power.”

Let’s find out the impact of Jan Bhagidari on shaping the Union Budget 2024 and the transformative changes it brings.

#1 Citizen Participation in Decision-Making

Jan Bhagidari ensures that the Union Budget reflects the public’s preferences and needs. By encouraging citizens to share their expectations and suggestions through platforms like the MyGov portal, the initiative empowers individuals to contribute to the decision-making process. This inclusivity ensures that the budget caters to a broad spectrum of society, including the youth, women, farmers, and marginalized communities. In the Interim Budget 2024-25, more than 1200 suggestions were received through the Jan Bhagidari initiative.

#2 Public Consultation and Social Audit

The initiative emphasizes public consultation and social audit, enhancing transparency and accountability in the budget-making process. Through activities like social audits and citizen report cards, the government gains valuable insights into the public’s opinions and needs. This not only fosters transparency but also holds the government accountable for its decisions, aligning with the vision of a prosperous and inclusive India.

#3 Use of Technology and Social Media

Jan Bhagidari leverages technology and social media to enhance citizen engagement. By providing online platforms for feedback and inputs, the initiative taps into the power of digital connectivity. This not only facilitates widespread participation but also generates valuable data for informed decision-making. In a technologically advancing world, this approach ensures the government stays connected with its citizens.

#4 Focus on Financial Stability and Inclusiveness

Jan Bhagidari contributes to financial stability and inclusiveness by introducing initiatives to benefit all citizens. The Union Budget 2024 reflects this commitment through investments in capital goods, rural economic expansion, and incentives for eco-friendly energy and mobility. This broad focus ensures that the budget addresses the diverse needs of the population, promoting a more inclusive and stable financial environment.

#5 Citizen Report Cards

The introduction of Citizen Report Cards is a crucial aspect of Jan Bhagidari, enabling the government to understand the preferences, needs, and opinions of citizens. This feedback mechanism plays a pivotal role in crafting better budget allocations. It exemplifies the commitment to aligning policies with the aspirations of the people, making Jan Bhagidari more than just a campaign but a revolutionary effort for fair and inclusive governance.

Jan Samwad: A Continuous Dialogue

Jan Bhagidari is incomplete without the continuous process of Jan Samwad, emphasising the importance of regular interactions with the people. The essence of true participative governance rests on understanding ground realities, analysing issues, and implementing policies based on feedback. The PM Fasal Bima Yojana is a testament to the success of this approach, as it incorporates farmers’ feedback for transformative change.

PM Modi’s Vision: Transformative Governance

Prime Minister Modi’s leadership reflects a commitment to involve every citizen in policies and benefits. The success stories, from Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to the Jal Jeevan Mission and the COVID-19 vaccination drive, demonstrate the transformative power of collective efforts. These initiatives not only achieve numerical success but also contribute to holistic development, ensuring dignity, safety, and ease of living for all.

“Democracy is not only giving a contract to one government for five years. In reality, it is Jan Bhagidari” — PM Modi

The unshakable faith PM Modi has shown consistently in citizens has yielded unimaginable positive results repeatedly. When policies reach the last mile, then democracy is deemed truly successful. Thus, the essence of PM Modi’s clarion call remains: Participation of all leads to the prosperity of all. The continuous dialogue and involvement of all citizens lead to the prosperity of all, making Jan Bhagidari an essential pillar of India’s democratic journey.

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