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Forgotten investments are a serious problem. An enormous amount of this forgotten investment money is held in banks, insurance companies, and housing finance companies. 

Often we across scenarios where elderly individuals talk about the physical certificates they would have misplaced, or they might have forgotten about the investments which they had made long ago. This is one of the major contributors to why the funds remain unclaimed with financial institutions.  

Approximately Rs 82,000 crore of investor wealth is unclaimed in forgotten and lost investments. It has been reported that there are unclaimed deposits sitting in dormant bank accounts, maturity proceeds of insurance policies lying dormant in insurance companies, and even life savings in inactive provident fund accounts of individuals.  

Additionally, there are mutual fund investments that nobody is aware of, as well as dividends that have not been cashed for years. 

Even after ten years, you can reclaim your money by following these steps,  

  1. Unclaimed funds or accounts that have not been operated for more than ten years are transferred to the Reserve Bank of India’s Depositor Education and Awareness Fund. 
  2. Investors can claim their money, or operate their accounts even after such a long period of time, by contacting their bank. 
  3. Funds will be reclaimed by the bank. 
  4. After 10 years, if no claim is made on a traditional insurance policy, the funds are transferred to the Senior Citizen Welfare Fund. 
  5. By providing KYC details and providing authenticity, this money can be claimed within the next 25 years. Even though grandparents and parents may leave assets to their nominees and legal heirs in the form of investments, they may fail to claim those assets due to a lack of knowledge. This happens in the absence of a Will.  

To counteract this, the Reserve Bank of India has mandated that banks post details of inoperative or inactive accounts on their websites. A directive has been issued to the insurance companies to update their websites with details of unclaimed funds. 

If your parents leave you a fortune without assigning you as the nominee of their shares, the problems can multiply. Obtaining a succession certificate from the district court can be a difficult process.  

In such complex scenarios, Rurash Financials’ team of experts can be a perfect help to you and can make the process hassle-free. It is generally necessary to file legal claims, trace the investments, and contact the companies concerned? as part of the process.  

You will be required to submit a succession certificate or legal heir certificate if your parents passed away without appointing you as their nominee. Additionally, the legal heir will be required to provide KYC details as well as a letter of confirmation from other legal heirs. 

In the event that you have lost your share certificate and are not able to recall the folio numbers of your holdings, you should contact the company directly. As part of the KYC process, you will be required to write down your personal details and provide the necessary KYC documentation.  

Upon reviewing the shareholding list, the company will authenticate the applicant and then provide information about the holdings. 


If you’ve forgotten about your investments, you should not lose hope, as it is quite common. It is estimated that about Rs. 82,000 crore are lying unclaimed in various schemes, bank accounts and more. If you are one of those who want to claim their unclaimed funds but are confused about how to do it connect with financial experts.  At Rurash Financials, we help you bring those investments back to you and plan out your future investments. In addition to managing your current, past, and future investments, Rurash Financials has experts who will develop a customized investment strategy tailored to your needs; assist you in obtaining instant funds by using your shares as collateral if necessary; and assist you in capitalizing on exciting investment opportunities in direct equity, fixed income, and unlisted and pre-IPO shares. 

Rurash Financials is one of India’s investment management firms, providing financial solutions to augment the client’s wealth and build a legacy.

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