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Rurash Loan Against Securities

Features & Benefits

Loan Against Security

a perfect Overdraft Facility

Allows you to borrow funds and retain portfolio/ investments and fulfill immediate/short-term requirements at the same time

Benefits of Loan Against Securities over Unsecured Loans

Allows you to borrow funds and retain portfolio/ investments and fulfill immediate/short-term requirements at the same time

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Loan against securities is a loan that a customer can avail by pledging his or her investments in favour of the lender. This loan can be availed without selling your investments.
Loan against securities come as a quick funding respite for contingencies, personal needs and sometimes even for the undefined goals. They are also one of the most convenient and quick forms of loan one can avail at ease.
Easy and convenient process.
Can be availed online.
Only interest is paid on the monthly outstanding loan amount.
You can swap the pledged securities
Comes with a wide range of approved securities
Designated Relationship Manager from Rurash.
Our customers can choose to foreclose loans against securities anytime after the payments of interest and principal amount. Part payments on loan against securities can also be availed at RURASH. Please note that we generally do not charge any extra fee for foreclosure of part payments.
The applicant can pledge securities of any blood relative who is minimum or above 18 years of age. The person whose securities will be pledged need to be signatory in the agreement and will be considered as a co-applicant towards the loan against securities.
Yes, all the securities that you pledge for loan against securities should be in the demat account. During the application process the account manager can confirm if any mutual fund units or any other physical securities can be accepted in the physical form.
An overdraft account will be set up with customized drawing limits allowing you to utilize the funds as and when required. This drawing limit will be based on the quality and quantity of shares and other securities pledged by you.
Your portfolio will be reevaluated on a daily basis as per the market rates. However in case of high volatility and sharp falls in the market, an interim revaluation can also be done. For this you will be informed by your accounts manager.
Yes. You can pledge more securities for upgrading the drawing limit on your overdraft account. It usually takes upto 2 working days for the upgrade to reflect in your account.
Please connect to your designated wealth custodian to know the perks and benefits.
Yes you can apply for a loan against securities as an organisation, HUF or as a non-individual entity. Your business should be a registered business with an existence proof of at least 2 years.
Yes. Loans against securities are legal. The regulations were originally formed by SEBI in May 1997 & last modified in Jan 2018. All market participants in Indian securities market have been permitted to lend/borrow subject to respective regulatory guidelines. All the settlements of loans against securities are guaranteed by the NSE Clearing Ltd.
Your account details and transactions are fully secure and confidential with RURASH. We use all the security parameters to safeguard our customer data. Our inhouse IT support team ensures all the transactions are secured right from the application process.
Yes. You can apply for a loan against securities ranging from a minimum of 10 lakhs to a maximum range of 100 crores or more subject to the prerequisite and fitment.
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