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Q4FY21 Result Update- HDFC Securities Limited


HDFC Securities Limited is a financial services intermediary and a subsidiary of HDFC Bank, which is a leading private bank in India. HSL is one of the prime broking companies in India and ranked 3rd among all the broking houses, in terms of number of active customers. HSL provides a 360-degree view of financial planning options and a one-stop shop for all investments-equity, gold, debt and real estate. Its parent company, HDFC Bank Ltd, has a stake of 97.29% in the company

Mr. Bharat Shah chairs the company and Mr. Dhiraj Relli is the Managing Director of the company,



Result Update Q4FY21


HDFC Securities have ended the financial year on a strong note. Q4FY21 top-line growth was in-line with the expectation, given the solid equity market performance, along with an increase in IPOs during the quarter. We saw a drastic cut in the operating cost of the company in the said quarter, which came as a surprise, leading to a margin expansion of 560 bps and 390 bps, on yearly and sequential basis respectively. Overall, FY21 was one of the strongest year for the equity market and thus brokerage companies like HDFC Securities have benefitted enormously due to huge investments made in the equity markets both by domestic and foreign players. With new Robinhood investors kicking in the market this year, we do not expect equity markets to dry up easily, hence going forward, the company’s performance is expected to remain good, albeit not at the same growth pace.


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