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In Indian culture, marriage is an occasion for celebrating togetherness. Families often go out of their way to make the ceremony memorable. From drone photography to a themed reception, there are tonnes of things on the wedding wish lists of almost everyone.

Even though there are variations in marriage ceremonies, each version requires a large influx of funds to cover expenses, including but not limited to booking the venue, catering, stay and travel for guests, décor, entertainment, videography, etc. 

The expenses may also include bridal outfits and honeymoon expenses. With multiple high-ticket expenses, it would be unwise to deplete your savings or liquidate your expenses when you can easily take a loan against the securities in your Demat account for instant access to the funds required.

Reasons to take a loan against security instead of a personal loan:

1. High value and large sanctioned amount to execute your dream wedding

There are tons of rituals and nitty-gritty involved in weddings, usually from an exquisite invitation to memorable gifts for guests. The expenses are varied and never-ending.

To cater to your bespoke wedding needs, RURASH brings to you Quick and Secured Financing from Rs 10 Lakhs to 100 Crores. Thus if you’re planning a destination wedding or picking up a particular stylist for the bride or any specific DJ, you can easily execute everything.

To ease up the process of availing funds, you don’t require any other collateral, just the shares in your Demat account; since the collaterals are pretty liquid, this also simplifies the application process and helps you get approval faster. Usually, when an applicant tries to apply for a high-value loan, he or she encounters high-interest rates, but with Rurash, interest rates are at the industry lowest at just 8% p.a. And along with this to reduces the burden of applying Rurash Financials also offers discount on the processing fee, thus applying and availing for a high-value loan becomes easier and less burdensome. 

2. Prompt Disbursal allows you to save precious time. 

As they say, “Early bird gets the worm,” so to make your wedding a success, it is imperative you start early. With Rurash’s loan against security, you get ample time to start your preparations early, as you can get your funds as early as 24-48 hours post-approval. This way, you get to meet your pre-wedding objectives more conveniently. Be it finalizing your venues, wedding planner, caterers, make-up artists and more, we’ve got you covered. Since most of these bookings require a deposit, you can conveniently pay it from the sanctioned amount.
Since it also functions as an overdraft, the interest is only charged on the amount you withdraw from the sanctioned amount. 

3. Simple online application procedure

With a wedding on your mind, you may or may not have time to devote to loan formalities. The application process will not be a major hurdle for you with Rurash’s Loan against security. You can simply apply for it online and track your loan on the go. The simple digital application only requires a few details and takes only a few minutes to complete. This allows you to spend more of your time preparing for your wedding instead of being stuck with loan protocols.

4. Easy eligibility Procedure 

With only a few eligibility terms, you can easily meet few eligibility terms. Rurash’s loan against securities has a few simple eligibility terms so that you can easily qualify for financing. Ensure that you’re an Indian citizen aged at least 18. You must submit a few documents, such as a PAN card, address proof, such as a valid passport or a valid driving licence, an NREGA Job card, a National Population Register letter, or even proof of possession of an Aadhar card. 

Along with these are document proof of securities, passport size photograph, and bank proof documents. Unlike personal loans, loans against securities do not require a high credit score. The loan amount and the loan sanction depend upon the quality of the pledged securities. Once you finish up these requirements, you can easily invest your precious time in your wedding arrangements while Rurash works on your application.

5. Flexible enough to take care of planned and unplanned expenses. 

Weddings often bring expenses that go beyond the planned budget. There could be sudden medical emergencies, power failures or any other issue which may require extra funds. This is where the flexibility of a loan against security helps. You have funds ready at your disposal, and you can choose to repay interest-only EMIs for some time, which reduces your monthly installment burden as the repayment will depend upon your cash flow.


Marriages are an integral part of our culture; in most cases, they happen only once. So why should a lack of funds stop you from having your dream wedding? Rurash Financials Loan against securities is the perfect viable solution to personal loans, as it does not burden you with repayments, protocols and formalities of a typical loan, 

Rurash Financials is one of India’s investment management firms, providing financial solutions to augment the client’s wealth and facilitate building a legacy.

For any guidance regarding financial instruments and to begin the process of getting a loan against security to make your wedding memorable, Connect with the relationship manager now or write,

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