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Samvat 2079 will begin on October 24, 2022, during the Muhurat trading session. On Diwali each year, domestic markets conduct a special one-hour trading session to mark the beginning of the Hindu calendar year, Vikram Samvat.

During Diwali, the main ritual is the Lakshmi puja. A separate ritual known as chopda (books) pujan is however performed by some communities, especially the business community in India, and is considered to be the most important ritual.

Many parts of the country refer to this ritual by different names — chopda (meaning book) pujan in Gujarati, Bhai-Khata for North Indians, and Sharda (meaning Goddess Saraswati) puja and Muharat pujan for others.

In the business community, this ritual is of particular importance. In North India, the business community closes all accounts and presents the ‘Chopda’ to seek blessings for the new year. Traditionally, the Hindu calendar begins the new financial year on the day following Diwali.

Since 1957, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has conducted Muhurat trading, while the National Stock Exchange (NSE) started doing so in 1992.

As part of the annual Laxmi Pujan celebration on Diwali, domestic markets hold a special one-hour trading session in commemoration of the traditional Hindu calendar year called Vikram Samvat. There is a strong belief among the trading community that Diwali and, specifically, the hour of Muhurat trading are favorable for investments. It is a tradition, sentimental, and religious practice for investors to purchase stocks during the Muhurat trading session.

On October 24, 2022, the Muhurat trading session will mark the start of Samvat 2079. When the NSE and BSE hold Muhurat trading, they typically dress in a distinctly ethnic manner, with elaborate rangoli patterns and innumerable diyas lining up to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

The majority of investors indulge in ceremonial purchases, and institutional investors and brokers engage in trading in response to global cues as well as major news developments.

A muhurat is a time when all the planets and stars are aligned favorably to ensure the success of investors in the market. To facilitate Muhurat trading, the stock exchanges (BSE and NSE) specify the market start and close times for each market segment on Diwali.

What are the dates and timings for Muhurat trading in 2022?

During Muhurat trading on Monday, October 24, the Indian bourses will be open from 6:15 to 7:25 pm. During Muhurat trading in 2022, all trades are subject to settlement obligations as stipulated in the BSE and NSE circulars.

As a result of trading on October 24 and pay-in/pay-out transactions for October 21 and 24, the NSE circular stated that the settlement will take place on October 25 at 8:30 am.

In recognition of Muhurat trading on Diwali, a special live trading session will be held on Monday as follows:

  • Normal market open time: 6:15 pm
  • Normal market close: time 7:15 pm
  • Trade modification end time: 7:25 pm

The custodian participant (CP) code modification/give-up confirmation time for trades conducted on October 24 will be 7:15 p.m. to 7:25 p.m.


Muhurat trading holds another special value as it comes once a year, and it is imperative to make use of it, if we really do wanna make some returns in the market during the growth day, when the exchanges will be filled with buying or selling orders. If you’re confused about which muhurat stocks to trade, experts at Rurash Financials are always there to help you out with it.

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