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The landscape of investments and asset ownership is undergoing a revolutionary transformation, particularly in India, as fractional ownership gains momentum. With the Indian fractional ownership market projected to reach a staggering $8.9 billion by 2025, startups are capitalizing on this trend to redefine the way people invest, own, and enjoy high-value assets. 

This paradigm shift is not only reshaping the luxury market but is also democratizing access to lucrative opportunities for a broader spectrum of investors.

The Rise of Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership, often referred to as co-ownership, has emerged as a game-changer in the investment arena. This model allows individuals to invest in premium assets like real estate, private jets, and yachts by dividing ownership costs into more affordable shares. The allure of fractional ownership lies in its ability to enable multiple investors to share the benefits of market value appreciation and rental revenue.

Startups Paving the Way

Several startups have embraced the fractional ownership model, bringing innovation and accessibility to the market. Let’s delve into some examples that highlight the diverse applications of fractional ownership in different sectors.

1) hBits: Revolutionising Proptech

Mumbai-based startup hBits recently secured INR 20 Cr ($2.6 Mn) in strategic funding, exemplifying the growing interest in fractional real estate ownership. Their platform simplifies the process, making it hassle-free for investors who might be new to this concept. This startup showcases the potential of fractional ownership in unlocking real estate opportunities for retail investors.

2) Prorata Car: Driving Shared Ownership

Prorata Car, launched in December 2021, focuses on fractional car ownership. This innovative platform brings together homeowners in a residential society, allowing them to collectively own a car. Each participant buys 8.33%, or 1 ticket, guaranteeing individual usage for 30 days a year. This approach transforms the way people perceive car ownership and emphasises the shared economy.

3) Definite: Transforming Commercial Real Estate

Definite is disrupting the proptech space by offering fractional ownership in commercial real estate. The platform stands out with its customer-centric approach, providing users with a user-friendly dashboard and leveraging decades of industry expertise. Definite showcases the potential for fractional ownership to democratise access to lucrative real estate investments.

4) SmartOwner: Asia’s Property Investment Giant

SmartOwner stands as Asia’s largest property investment management company and marketplace. By combining financial, legal, and real estate expertise, SmartOwner provides investors with exclusive high-return opportunities. This startup exemplifies how fractional ownership can bring together diverse skills and resources to create a robust investment platform.

5) Strata: Democratizing Real Estate Investment

Bengaluru-based Strata has pioneered a low-cost approach to real estate investment, making it accessible to individual investors. This startup’s success lies in offering a simple way for anyone to access the historically consistent and exceptional returns of the real estate market. Strata exemplifies how fractional ownership is breaking down barriers in the real estate asset class.

6) CareerSocially: Holistic Solutions for Realty

CareerSocially takes a holistic approach to fractional ownership by providing solutions for realty developers and stakeholders. Their advanced and intelligent solutions, backed by key performance metrics, aim to minimise expenses at every stage of real estate transactions. This startup highlights the potential of fractional ownership in streamlining and optimising real estate processes.

7) MYRE Capital: Tech-Enabled Access to Commercial Real Estate

MYRE Capital leverages technology to provide easy access, transparency, and liquidity to a curated selection of rent-yielding commercial real estate assets. This startup’s use of predictive analytics and a proprietary process showcases how fractional ownership can enhance transparency and accessibility in the commercial real estate sector.

Changing Dynamics of Luxury Ownership:

Fractional ownership is not limited to real estate; it extends its reach to luxury assets like yachts and private jets. Champion Yacht Club, based in Bengaluru, is among the pioneers offering fractional ownership of luxury yachts. While the market for yachts is still nascent in India, fractional ownership of private jets is witnessing substantial growth, driven by the increasing number of High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs).

As fractional ownership continues to reshape the investment landscape in India, startups are playing a pivotal role in making these opportunities accessible to a broader audience. The success stories of such startups underscore the diverse applications of fractional ownership across different sectors.

The future holds exciting prospects as more investors embrace this model, unlocking new avenues for wealth creation, portfolio diversification, and passive income. Fractional ownership is not just a trend; it’s a transformative force that is democratising wealth and redefining how individuals participate in the ownership and enjoyment of valuable assets.

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